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Historic Restoration

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Patience and attention to detail are never more important than in historic restorations.  Whitlow Construction has all the attributes required to hold its position as a premier restorer of historic homes.

Commercial Improvements

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Business owners greatly appreciate what we do.  They like our prompt and straightforward communication and our doggedness in closing out projects.  Whitlow Construction understands more than ever when it comes to commercial projects, “time is money”.

Kitchen and Bath

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The kitchen is the heart of the home.  Our attributes of attention to detail, design integrity, and sense of practicality and functionality serve our customers particularly well when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms.

Renovation and Repair

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The loss of property values in the housing turndown and financing challenges to both residential and commercial property owners over the past few years have created a new demand for renovation, restoration, remodeling, and repair.  Jeff Whitlow’s versatile background allowed him to position Whitlow Construction as a premier remodeling and restoration company in the Savannah market.

Custom Home Building

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Attention to detail and an incredibly disciplined approach to project planning, execution, and follow-up make Whitlow Construction a premier homebuilder the Savannah market.